Intelligence Watch | Intelligence Watch has been formed
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Intelligence Watch has been formed

Sweden has been enriched by a new think tank. Intelligence Watch with its base in southern Sweden has been constituted with the aim of promoting sustainable development. Through independent, qualified analysis and research, future reconnaissance and public debate with a focus on environmental, economic and social issues, the aim is to increase the overall force for a sustainable Sweden.

Sixteen organizations with a desire to build a better society formed the think tank initiated by Anders Olshov, economist and social entrepreneur who previously founded the Danish-Swedish Øresund Institute in 2002. To chairman of Intelligence Watch was appointed Christer Larsson, director of City planning of the City of Malmö. Håkan Pihl, vice-chancellor of Kristianstad University, was appointed vice chairman. Elected to the board were also Richard Hultin, president of Skanska Rental Housing, Marie Persson, development strategist Halmstad Municipality, and Fredrik Åkesson, sustainability strategist Ikano.

Intelligence Watch draws on a number of specialists and external researchers of high academic class in the focus areas of environmental, economic and social issues and related interdisciplinary fields such as urban planning, health, communication and diversity. As experts in the think tank’s three councils the following members have been appointed:


Economic Council – Fredrik N. G. Andersson senior lecturer, Department of Economics at Lund University, Andreas Bergh, welfare researcher and associate professor, Department of Economics at Lund University and the Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm, Annika Winsth, chief economist Nordea Bank.
Environmental Council – Lars J. Nilsson, professor in environmental and energy systems at Lund University, Per-Arne Nilsson, head of Urban Development and Strategy, Environment Department City of Malmö
Social Council – Katarina Nylund, professor of urban planning Malmö University, Nurgül Iljas Eminovska, director of social projects MKB.

It is very gratifying that the south of Sweden join forces and finally establishes a reputable think tank focusing on some of the most pressing societal challenges, says Anders Olshov, founder and head of the think tank.